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Many pets got separated from their families almost two years ago, when Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast. A New Jersey family was one of them. They lost their dog. He got away from their backyard during the storm.

Chuck James said that his family searched for the brown-and-white dog named Reckless for months after the October 2012 storm. Reckless was a cute dog which brought much pleasure to the whole family, and the youngest daughter Tiffany loved him most. They played together, watched TV together, ate popcorn together and Reckless even saw Tiffany off when she headed for the kindergarten every morning. Chuck James kept on searching for the lovely dog in e very possible way, but no luck.

"We reported him missing and called the shelters from time to time, just hoping they had him," James said. "We always kept our hopes up, but finally it was time to move on."

James said the family had planned to get a new dog. The dog was to be a tenth birthday surprise for their eldest daughter, Ally. The family of five went to the Monmouth County SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to adopt a new animal. When James and his wife walked close to the first cage, they saw a familiar face inside.

"He was a little bigger than I remembered because they had fed him well," James joked. "But then he was lying on my wife's feet and I knew it was him. It was unbelievable. I know this dog is meant to be with our family."

When SPCA officials asked if they could prove the animal was their dog, a friend sent a selfie showing the family with their dog before Sandy hit the East Coast.

"We're all so happy to have him back," James said. The family is living in a hotel while their home is being repaired. This weekend, the Jameses went on a camping trip with Reckless to celebrate the dog's return.

1.What happened to Jameses when Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast?

A.Their house lay in ruins after the storm.

B.Their pet dog Reckless went missing.

C.Their pet dog Reckless was adopted by another family.

D.They found their pet dog Reckless badly injured.

2.Having searched for Reckless for months, the Jameses found him in ________. animal hospital of their friends' houses

C.the Monmouth County SPCA D.the backyard which was under repair

3.The meaning of the underlined word "selfie" is closest to "________".

A.document card C.text message D.picture

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