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1. Today, six of the seven species of marine turtle - hawksbill, olive ridley, Kemp's ridley, leatherback, loggerhead and green - are classified as Endangered or Critically Endangered by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

2. Linda Nowlan, Arctic Legal Regime for Environmental Protection, IUCN Environmental Policy and Law Paper No.

3. Mexico`s Santa Catalina Island rattlesnake has been classified as critically endangered on the 2007 IUCN Red List.

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4. Chinese alligator belongs to Reptilia, Crocodylia, Alligoridae. It only distributes in China. Due to the destruction of Chinese alligator habitant, the population in the wild is less than 120 individuals; Chinese alligator has been listed as the top priority species of the 23 Crocodilians by expert team of IUCN.

5. White Eared Pheasant is listed in CITES Appendix Ⅰ, in the IUCN Red Data Books as Vulnerable. Few work were done on this species before.

6. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2008 reveals that almost one-in-four mammal species are at risk of disappearing forever.

7. The population size of Hooded Crane at their breeding site was conducted by ground and aerial censuses in 2004 at Zhanhe River valley, Lesser Xingan Mountains, Heilongjiang Province.

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8. Now China possesses 31 World Heritage and can be listed the third in the world. But only 1/4 World Heritage is natural heritage or dual heritage, which is unconsistent with Chinese successful development in World Heritage protection. The application projects for World Heritage List are lessening now in China; Keynes Decision and Suzhou Decision has raised the standard of World Natural Heritage; INCN and ICOMOS are enhancing valuating and supervising systems; conflicts between utilization and conservation have arised due to different interests holders.

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9. The 439 pteridophyte taxa in Hainan were evaluated according to IUCN Red List 2001 categories and criteria. In addition, the conservation status of all threatened species was reported and documented, and proposals to conserve selected threatened taxa were also presented.

10. A Great Event of the Global Circle of Environmental Law: A Brief on the Inauguration Ceremony and the First Colloquium of the IUCN Environmental Law Academy; There was a ceremony to usher in the new government.

11. IUCN Environmental Law Centre

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12. Collen responds that the IUCN criteria havebeen successfully applied to a wide range of species and that it is vital tohave a consistent scheme.

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13. There are 12 species listed in IUCN/ICBP Red Data Book.

14. Endangered/rare species listed in I-UCN/ICBP Red Data Book were found in the Old Course of Yellow River and the ornithological importance of the area should be highlighted in the future serveys;

15. This site features the IUCN and provides information about its aims, projects, current programs and upcoming meetings.

16. The Japanese Marsh Warbler was listed as endangered species in IUCN Red Book (1998).

17. Stressing the need to underpin conservation activities with sound scholarship, the Director-General said that even though the IUCN was based on governments and NGOs, " our real boss is science ".

18. Nearly a third of all amphibians assessed by the IUCN are under threat, though that pales by comparison with the three-quarters of plant species found to be in danger.

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19. The bharal is listed as least concern under the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, this equates with pigeons.

20. CCZR has already been listed as the most dangerous species by the red list of IUCN, the main threats is from the introduced mongoose and catfish.

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