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1. 成为畅销产品的近义词

1. 这个新产品会成为我们最畅销的产品。
This new product will become our best seller.

2. 该产品质量稳定可靠,已成为最知名产品,畅销国内外。
This product has become well-known for its stable quality and is well sold both at home and abroad.

3. 成为畅销产品

3. 让中文和中国文化成为世界最畅销的产品!
Make the Chinese languageand Chinese culture become the most popular products in the world!

4. 成为畅销产品的解释

4. 本公司在上海市浦东新区设立上海海厨电器有限公司,我公司各类电器产品成为上海市场畅销产品。
Is engaged in developing and producing Electrical Appliances, piano parts and all kinds of air-conditioning heat exchangers.

5. 我公司产品不仅销往全国各地,而且还远洋出口海外十多个国家和地区,成为国内外市场的畅销产品。
Our company`s products are not only sold all over the country, but also sold far into more than ten countries and regions overseas, they have already become the best selling products both at home and abroad.

6. 水晶泥在日本、韩国及港台地区已成为百分百畅销产品,订购者如潮。
Crystal mud in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan has become a 100%-selling products, the subscription to the waves.

7. 分析人士预测如果FDA允许Xience上市,它将很快成为最畅销的产品。
Analysts predict that if the F. D. A. allows it on the market, Xience will quickly become a best seller.

8. 成为畅销产品什么意思

8. 分析家预期新款 Opteron 此次将可以很快成为畅销产品,因为主要硬件公司已成为 AMD 的客户。
Analysts expect the new Opteron to take off more quickly this time because the major hardware companies are already A. M. D.

9. 成为畅销产品

9. 早在九四年就着手开发家用VCD解码板,成为国内最早的VCD产品开发公司之一,成功地为许多著名VCD整机厂配套VCD解码板,并使产品畅销香港、台湾、印尼及马来西亚等东南亚地区,以精湛的技术,高品质的产品赢得用户的信赖。
As early as 2094 to proceed with the development of home VCD decode board, became the first Product Development Company, one of VCD successfully for many well-known machine factory VCD supporting VCD decoder boards, and best-selling Product in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia such as the Southeast Asian region to exquisite technology, high-quality products to win the trust of users.

10. danci.911cha.com

10. 我厂生产直径 14 -27MM 橡胶海绵球和金刚砂海绵球,它具有质地柔软、弹性适中、耐磨性强、吸水性好、除垢性能好等优点,是当今冲洗汽轮机凝结铜管除垢的能手,结硬垢时可采用金刚砂球冲洗,目前该产品已畅销全国发电、化工、冶金等领域并深受欢迎,并成为这些行业不可缺少的生产工具,同时也是这些行业节约能源、降低劳动强度、提高设备利用率的必备用品。
I plant the production of diameter 14-27MM sponge rubber sponge ball and emery ball, it has a texture of soft, flexible medium, strong resistance to abrasion, water absorption, and scaling performance, etc., are today's condensing steam turbine washing detergent skilled brass guitar can be hard when dirt washed emery ball, the current products have been sold nationwide in the power generation, chemical industry, metallurgy and other fields and have gained popularity and have become indispensable in these sectors of production tools, but also in these industries to save energy, reduce labor intensity, improve equipment utilization of essential supplies.

11. 凭着鸿盛人顽强拼搏不断进取的蓬勃朝气,现已成为一家生产各类五金咸菜,锁匙全,手袋五金配件,家具五金配件,链条等五金相关的同类产品的专业生产厂家。品种繁多,产品畅销国内外市场深受逛到客户的好评。鸿盛人以专业,精湛的技术为寄出,优质的产品,热情周到的服务,公平合理的价格,热忱欢迎国内外新老客户的光临。
We are manufacturer of hardware crafts and accessories, our main products are bell, metal hooks, buckels, rings, hinges, padlocks, snap hooks, revets, eyelets, carabiners, hair clips, handles, safety pins etc. pls kindly contact us if you have an inquiry of related products.

12. 产品畅销国内外市场,成为陶艺行业最受欢迎的优秀品牌。
Product best-selling domestic and foreign markets has become the most popular fine ceramics industry brand.

13. 成为畅销产品的翻译

13. 中国对外文化集团公司2000年独资制作《少林雄风》,2002年合资制作《太极时空》,2003年合作制作《如梦》,2004年策划推出《英雄天地间》,联合武汉杂技团、荷兰星辰公司共同投资制作的情景杂技新剧目《海盗》,这一系列创意新颖、制作精湛的系列舞台剧,不仅受到国内观众的欢迎,更成为近年来国际市场热销畅销的中国演出产品,在欧美大洋洲合计演出超过千场。
In 2000, CAEG invested on its own in the Shaolin Warriors, partly invested in Chi and Reverie in 2002 and 2003 respectively. In 2004, Heroes was developed and Pirates! Pirates!, an acrobatic melodrama, was completed in collaboration with Wuhan Acrobatic Troupe and Dutch Star Company. The innovative and elaborate melodrama series is not only popular with domestic audience, but also a hit in the international market which has been performed over a thousand times in European countries, the U. S. as well as the Oceania during recent years.

14. 在过去一年中,INBER成为欧美最为畅销的儿童数码产品之一,累计销量高达1200万套。
During the last year, INBER has become one of the most popular children digital products in Europe and America.

15. 我们的产品将成为你方市场上的畅销品。
Our products are quick sellers in your market.

16. 可口可乐更力争上游,成为战时最畅销产品之一。
And Coca-Cola managed to make itself one of the most widely distributed products of wartime.

17. 成为畅销产品的意思

17. “风暴悠悠”成为国内知名的专业悠悠球品牌,产品畅销海内外。
" storm yoyo " become the professional yoyo brand known on the domestic, sells very well both in the domestic market and abroad.

18. 911查询·英语单词大全

18. 十多年来,广西桂西制药有限公司十分重视新产品的开发,先后开发了独家产品妇血康颗粒、四类新药妇炎康胶囊及国家中药保护品种新立治芒果止咳片、功劳去火片、痔疮片等,同时开发生产的还有跌打扭伤灵酊、强力枇杷露、脑得生片、妇康宁片、通脉颗粒、灵芝颗粒、复方板蓝根颗粒等八十多个功效显著、特色鲜明、畅销市场的产品;其中主打产品妇血康颗粒,来源于壮医民间验方,通过科学论证处方,开发道地药材,提高了产品的技术含量和疗效水平,成为治疗妇科、产科出血症的品牌中成药,享誉全国。
For these years, we pay more attention to the development of new products, we have developed exclusive product Fuxuekang granule, category D new medicine Fuyankang capsule, Xinlizhi mango pectoral tablet, Gonglao tablet for reducing internal heat and haemorrhoids tablet consecutively, at the same time, Dieda Niushangling tinctures, Strong loquat syrup, Naodesheng tablet, Fukangning tablet, Granules for pulse-invigorating, Glossy Ganoderma granule, Compound Isatis root granule and etc.

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