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1. Leshan的意思

1. He told me that I could go on a two-day trip to Leshan and Emei, which wasn`t too expensive.

2. Chengdu - Leshan - Emei After breakfast fare collection starting from Chengdu, with over two hours to Leshan Giant Buddha, Leshan Giant Buddha 71 meters high, the first high-14, 7 m, bun 1021, 28 meters wide, the Big Buddha Mountain Recreation, 凌云阁, 9 path along the cliff, after the car went to the Emei, staying at hotels.

3. To understand the incidence of pneumoconiosis in Leshan City, and provide scientific evidence for developing control measures.
目的 了解乐山市尘肺病发生状况,为乐山市尘肺病防治工作提供科学依据。

4. Leshan building what will be the flowers Whose?

5. Buddha is a mountain is a Buddha, in Leshan City, which is famous for this, apart from the outside it is hard to see what the.

6. Begonia medicine is the largest in Leshan City pharmaceutical wholesale and retail enterprises.

7. Mental hospital of leshan city, sichuan 614000, china
作者单位:(乐山市精神病医院,四川乐山 614000

8. 911查询·英语单词

8. Name Leshan Leshan Building science, technology and education training center building is built in Chengdu, Leshan municipal government offices.

9. The central district of Leshan City is the political, economic and cultural centre, where the government is located.

10. Brokerage. The new company is based on the original Sichuan Chuan financial securities companies in the province to integrate a number of financial intermediaries bonds on the basis of the established form, the registered capital of 92, 910, 000 yuan, with Shanghai and Shenzhen trading 5 seats, is the China Securities Association and the Association of Chinese treasury bonds in different regions of the province has a 6 securities business, located in Chengdu, Shehong, Nanchong, Leshan and qianwei five, to build a radiation-wide preliminary Chuen, the nation's business network.

11. The analysis of the detecting result showed that the incidence of piglet coccidiosis in Leshan increased in recent years.

12. The People`s Daily reports that Leshan is the first and the only orangutan nurtured in China.

13. Leshan的反义词

13. Thirdly, to import VRGIS technique into the Leshan Tourist Area Planning Rebuilding Project, and to set forth in detail the development flow of VRGIS including preparing data, establishing virtual scene, secondary development and so on, moreover, the system makes the reconstruction process digital, enhances the work efficiency and makes the decision-making more scientific in the process of planning rebuilding in Leshan Tourist Area.

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14. Two cases of new-old independent directors in ZHENGBAIWEN and auditing event in LESHAN DIANLI are analyzed in the last part of this thesis.

15. Leshan的解释

15. But the 71-meterhigh Leshan Buddha is the largest Buddhist statue carved into the cliff in the world.

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16. But the 71-meterhigh Leshan Buddha is the largest Buddhist statue carve d into the cliff in the world.

17. Leshan的反义词

17. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, Wuhan University moved to Leshan, Sichuan Province and returned to Luojia Hill after the victory of the war.

18. In recent years the company has been successful for the Pixian County Public Security Bureau in Chengdu, the Pengzhou City Public Security Bureau, Xindu County Public Security Bureau, Shuangliu County Public Security Bureau, Dayi County Public Security Bureau, Leshan WUTONGQIAO DISTRICT Public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau Jinkouhe, Ziyang Anyue County Public Security Bureau, Kangding County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Public Security Bureau, Luding County Public Security Bureau, Danba County Public Security Bureau, and so on.

19. The Brief Analysis of Marketing: At present, Leshan Giant Buddha — Mt. Emei are world famous as the world heritage. There are more than 3.5 million tourists coming for them but the tourists that come for the entertainment and leisure is few and the personal consummation is low. After its accomplishment, it will stimulate the consummation of the people to make up the gap for the big scale traveling entertain park.

20. Leshan

20. Emei Shan, Leshan, Three Gorges - Chongquing to Yichang Sichuan

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