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1. GHS donated one of her own art work. GHS was very embarrassed to be found out.

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2. Heinz China donated a total of over 700 cartons heinz baby nutrient noodles equivalents to RMB1, 200, 000 to the Qingdao Children Welfare Institute on July 28, 2009. Heinz devotes itself to requiting society; it highly embodies the concern of Heinz of vulnerable groups.

3. He donated all his money to people in disaster areas and schools in poor areas before his death.

4. donated.

4. If I donated all the money, then I will not be able to buy a racket.

5. In 1757 King George II donated the'Old Royal Library'of the sovereigns of England and with it the privilege of copyright receipt.

6. Any leftover money, he said, will be donated to charity.

7. She donated granulocytes.- And what's that?

8. Upon completion, the field of five in the capital invited Babajin 匾an imperial decree, the hanging wall in the middle of the north hall, which both sides arejin 匾donated by celebrities.

9. Therefore, Xenotransplantation, is the use of animals instead of humans as a source of organs, tissues and cells, present a practical solution to the shortage of donated human organs for transplantation.

10. Staying in Auckland, New Zealand, Tzu Chi volunteers formed their bond with Panmure Bridge Primary School four years ago, when volunteers donated 200 chairs and desks to the school. The school has recently been working to improve the literacy of its students; and to support the program, Tzu Chi volunteers provided sets of audio tools and equipment.

11. Shockley also donated sperm to the Repository for Germinal Choice, a sperm bank developed to spread humanity's best genes.
Shockley还为一家旨在传播人类最优秀的基因的精子银行the Repository for Germinal Choice(这家位于加利福尼亚州圣迭戈县中西部的埃斯孔迪多的精子银行成立于1980年,1999年关闭,Shockley也是独一的捐献者)捐献精子。

12. Shockley also donated sperm to the Repository for Germinal Choice, a sperm bank developed to spread humanity''s best genes.
Shockley还为一家旨在传播人的总称最优异的基因的精虫银行the Repository for Germinal Choice(这家位于加利福尼亚州圣迭戈县中西部的埃斯孔迪多的精虫银行成立于1980年,1999年封闭,Shockley也是独一的捐募者)捐募精虫。

13. And yet in my last will and testament I have donated all that I own to charitable cause.

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14. I think that first break I donated a little bit.

15. Alex ferguson was very down to earth and he was very happy that I donated to his charity.

16. I was amazed at his reaction, he was shocked that I had freely donated blood, saying I should have been paid.

17. Warp is freeware, but provides a feature I appreciate so much that I donated, and consider it money well spent.

18. Actually, instead of buying you a gift, I wanna spend the money in a more significant way, and that's why I donated the money to rescue Moon Bears.

19. The book it came from was in the set of Dark Grimoires that I donated to the Aurors'Library after the War.

20. So I wanted to have a good start and donated 100 grand!

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