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The noun is pronounced /'s?nd?k?t/. The verb is pronounced /'s?nd?ke?t/. 名词读作/'s?nd?k?t/。动词读作 /'s?nd?ke?t/

1. 辛迪加;私人联合会;企业联合组织
A syndicate is an association of people or organizations that is formed for business purposes or in order to carry out a project.

e.g. They formed a syndicate to buy the car in which they competed in the race.
e.g. ...a syndicate of 152 banks.
152 家银行组成的财团

2. 把(新闻或电视节目)同时出售给多家媒体(供其发表或播放)
When newspaper articles or television programmes are syndicated, they are sold to several different newspapers or television stations, who then publish the articles or broadcast the programmes.

e.g. Today his programme is syndicated to 500 stations...
今天他的节目将在 500 多家电视台播出。
e.g. Myssi is well known in Finland for her quirky food column, which is syndicated across the country.

The show was ready for syndication in early 1987...
该节目在 1987 年初已可以在各地方电视台播放。
All together, Columbia has 23 sitcoms in syndication.
哥伦比亚广播公司一共有 23 部情景喜剧在非联网电视台市场播放。

3. (报业)辛迪加,巨头
A press syndicate is a group of newspapers or magazines that are all owned by the same person or company.

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