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1. After the era of the first crown of sharks, more sense, it is only a pretext for people to bear in mind, we can not deny Paul - Pau Gasol, Lamar - Lamar Odom's role, just like 9 years ago, we can not deny Kobe the same role.

2. If he and the replacement of Lamar Odom, Jordan Farmar, Brown, Vujacic with, this is full mobility of the lineup off the bit will be very scattered, depended on passing and running manufacturing warplanes, Ron Artest in the middle of the play space will be increased.

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3. The Lamar, Soda Butte and Slough Creek tributaries are easily waded and not excessively challenging.

4. Tid=27475 翻译人:somnus HONOLULU -- Lamar Odom's name was spit-balled around the Lakers'office, and many others in the league, in trade talks throughout the off-season.

5. You have the Alpha dog phenom, the best player in the league and the Mamba, and Lamar Odom, who is healthy and in his prime, and Pau Gasol, who has beena freaking revelation.

6. West Virginia's Asya Bussie drives between Lamar defenders during their first-round game March 21 in Austin.

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7. It will include juggling a loaded frontcourt and Lamar Odom possibly moving from power forward to small forward.

8. Seattle will not deal Chris Wilcox and Damien Wilkins for Odom, Detroit won`t pull the trigger on Sheed for Odom, Lamar and change can`t get Gasol, Atlanta won`t deal period.

9. The backbreaker was provided by one of Bryant's sidekicks, Lamar Odom, whose three-pointer gave the Lakers a 13-point lead and sent thousands of fans streaming for the exits with just less than three minutes remaining.

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10. Trips into Lamar Valley to see wolves in action and snowshoe adventures complete the tour package.

11. Antony: Hi, Lamar. Shall we go out for lunch?

12. Our bench has to provide a little more help for us so we have better support so that Lamar and Pau don't have to play extended minutes.

13. Even with Lamar Odom getting married in prime time and Ron Artest appearing on late-night TV wearing nothing but boxers, the Lakers have continued to surge as vanilla soft-serve topped with vanilla sprinkles.

14. Lamar

14. Losing both his grandmother (on her 80th birthday), and his own infant son (on the anniversary of his grandmother`s birthday and death), Lamar has endured challenges his critics couldn`t imagine.

15. As far as this Lakers squad, you have Phil Jackson who became a member last year; Kobe Bryant, who to me is a lock even if he never wins another ring; Pau Gasol, who may go down as the best Euro ever (no offense to Dirk Nowitzki whom I love), but needs at least one ring, maybe two, to secure his spot; Lamar Odom, whose career numbers are much better than I realized and I think has a good chance if he wins; and lastly, Andrew Bynum, who if he can stay healthy, has a chance to be one of the greats (just borrowing the words of Tex Winters, the Lakers Assistant Coach/Advisor or whatever his position is these days — he had this to say).

16. Totally aggree, it's Lamar's agent wanting more money for himself, not Lamar.

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17. I really have to give it to Lamar.

18. We all need to take another look at Lamar Odom and reorient our thinking.

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19. Three of those players — Jordan Farmar, Lamar Odom and Sasha Vujacic — are members of the self-named Bench Mob.

20. After out of season last year, our center Bynum comeback strong and show off his domination in the paint. He`s tall with a strong and tough body, he can hook shot and dunk in the paint, on defense end he can protect the boards well and meanwhile his blocking can limit the opponents` cut in. In 12 games before he injured, Bynum turned into a beast with average 20 points and 10 rebounds. This year, Bynum down again in Memphis, but fortunately the Lakers get him back on April, and the weakness inside has a very good solution. Bynum`s comeback made the weight and duty on Gasol`s shoulder much lighter, and the Twin Tower combination of Bynum and Gasol, with technical and toughness, they truly can make anyone fear. And Lamar Odom back to the bench being the team`s sixth man, the depth of the bench increase a lot and the second unit under Lamar`s lead is playing as good as we want to see.

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