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1. You told me he would be your business partner for life.

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2. When pleasure is the business of life, it cease to be pleasure.

3. No matter what your professional level PDP is certain to provide you with the life long learning opportunities necessary to advance your business success and your career....

4. At present I had done a thing only, assure oneself life namely, look for exact scope to do bigger business next....

5. The company in line with scientific research and development, market-oriented to the quality of life and business philosophy.

6. Innovation has always been a business forward and the development of the soul, the company made in the import of brush has been made, though gratifying results, but we did not meet in 2003, our factory has successfully developed a smart set of electrical appliances and electric drum set, and obtained a national patent, in the 2005 the support of friends from all walks of life, smooth design and development company is now a successful high-speed turbo-generator brush and electric remote monitoring system has been running a wide range of application and promotion for the general management of customers, providing a convenient, enhance work efficiency In addition, the company developed and the Electrical and brush to wash the item has entered the final testing stage.

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7. Industry public figure tells a reporter, include Chinese net to connect, UniCom inside operation business also is preparing telecommunication to block formal thrust with taking order especially the life portal of respective city, offer those who include meal, hotel, airline ticket and service of other city life to engage a service.

8. You don`t know the business and you don`t know my life now.

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9. Such large, impersonal manipulation of capital and industry greatly increased the numbers and importance of shareholders as a class, an element in national life representing irresponsible wealth detached from the land and the duties of the landowners; and almost equally detached from the responsible management of business.

10. HSL acquired approximately a 4.1% share of the long-term insurance market in 2004, as measured by office premiums of in-force life business.

11. Remember:+motivtion, +pssion, +nd+your+reson+to+sueed+in+life, +s+well+s+in+business, +re+essentil+requirements+to+rehing+your+gols.

12. Beijing Organic Life Business Consultant Co., Ltd.

13. Komori comprehensive business card printing and membership card production system resource, energy and growth in the use of the labor force was reduced to a bare minimum, which can be used throughout the life cycle of reduction business card printing and membership card-making machine to the burden on the environment.

14. Sustainable development of China and Italy Italian Life in accordance with their business philosophy and corporate positioning, develop a marketing, brand and human resources development strategy and the corresponding three major business strategy, its goal is to achieve sustainable company sound operation and sustainable development.

15. business life

15. The business of life is to enjoy oneself.

16. As a business notebook powered by the latest ultra-low voltage 45nm Intel Core 2 Duo Penryn Processor, the Getac 9213 provides outstanding battery life up to 8 hours and its removable optical drive allows for an additional battery for up to 12 hours of power — a must-have option for on-site and remote operation.
作为一款应对商务需求的笔记本,Getac 9213采用了Intel 45纳米超低电压酷睿2 Penryn双核处理器,电池续航能力更是达到惊人的8小时,如果将可拆卸光驱卸掉换上第二块电池,其续航能力可增加至12小时—这正是现场和远程作业不可或缺的。

17. Said at the beginning, the profit drop of the station is intermediary pay cost and advertisement, at the beginning the website does not have news source, so intermediary releases information completely free, after information was enriched, person energy of life also came up, this moment begins to consider the issue that collect fees, of course, the work that we just also begin this one to begin, took a few step to the information of intermediary now, for instance, system of examine and verify, right not the one part of the date of mobile phone of intermediary member screen that capture expends, later, be phone sale and business, here does not say more, write an article to tell this alone next time.

18. To make oneself as good as possible, this was with him the main business of life.

19. Business king is very superstitious, commonly used turtleback and animal bone undertake augur, augur asks the range of the thing is very wide, included each fields of social life almost.

20. Quality is the life of enterprise operating Zuni, welcome new and old customers come to business negotiations.

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