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1. RPM的解释

1. I remained skeptical until I saw the Vita-mix`s secret –a 37, 000-rpm, nearly two-horsepower lawn mower-quality engine that can blast pulp, fiber, and even seeds into semithereens.

2. The nominal power output of 147 kW (200 bhp) is delivered between 5, 100 and 6, 000 rpm.

3. First, the main technical parameters 1, a single strand of copper in diameter φ1.2 - 5.0mm Al φ1.8-- 5.0mm 2, the largest cross-section Stranded Copper 800mm2 Al 1000mm23, the highest speed cage twist: 6178 rpm file a total of six speed 12158 r. p. m a total of six-speed file 18136 r. p. m a total of six-speed file 24115 r. p. m a total of six-speed file 3098 r. p. m a total of six-speed file 4, Stranded pitch: 40-1400mm 5, to pitch spiral 520-25006, line speed traction: 16-62m/min 7, the main electrical power: 185 KW 8, within the framework of the actinomycetes set specifications: PND 6309, standard traction round: 2 ×φ2500mm 10, set-up specifications: PN1600 - PN315011, the total weight of equipment: 105 t 12, with a total installed capacity of power; 250 kW Second, the major equipment
一、主要技术参数1、绞合单线直径铜φ1.2--5.0mm 铝φ1.8-- 5.0mm2、绞合最大截面铜 800mm2 铝 1000mm2 3、绞笼最高转速:6盘 178 r.p.m 共六档变速12盘 158 r.p.m 共六档变速 18盘 136 r.p.m 共六档变速 24盘 115 r.p.m 共六档变速 30盘 98 r.p.m 共六档变速4、绞合节距:40–1400mm 5、予螺旋节距 520–25006、牵引线速度:16–62m/min7、主电机功率:185 KW8、框架内放线盘规格:PND 6309、牵引轮规格:2×φ2500mm10、收线盘规格:PN1600 – PN315011、设备总重量:105 t12、总装机功率; 250 kW二、设备主要组成部件:1、φ 630端轴式放线装置 1套2、6、12、18、24、30盘绞笼体(90盘)共5套3、6、12、18、24、30盘集中上盘装置共5套4、并线模架及紧压架(12、18、24、30为予螺旋装置) 5套5、计米器 1套6、主牙箱及36级传动牙箱 1套7、2×φ2500牵引装置 1套8、φ3150 收排线装置 1套9、予成形装置 1套10、电控箱及操作台 1套11、安全防护门 1套

4. To the first expanded model, the buyback contract with RPM mechanism and the linear buyback contract are designed.
对于价格弹性报童模型协调问题,设计了基于 RPM(Resale price Maintenance,限制转售价格)回购契约和线性回购契约的两种价格弹性契约协调机制

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5. In 1985 the Iowa slightly exceeded 32 knots at 205 RPM.

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6. Includes all hardware, weather station, cables, optical isolator, Remote Trigger, Tspliter, RPM sensor, Inductive clipon pickup, pressure transducer, 8 thermocouples (1 pictured), thermocouple extensions, Fluid thermocouple, power adapter, CD, Instruction Book, dual Wideband, 3000lb Strain Guage (installed at torque arm in chassis dyno).
包括所有硬件,气象站,电缆,光隔离器,遥控触发,tspliter ,rpm的感应器,感应clipon皮卡,压力传感器,8热电偶( 1图案),热电偶扩展,流体热电偶,电源适配器,光盘,教学图书,双宽带,3000磅应变计。

7. The torque curve is broad, with 90 percent of max twist available from 1600 to 6400 rpm.

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8. It produces a maximum power output of 110 kW (150 bhp) at 5800 rpm.

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9. Filter test body with a streamlined integrated gear pump heated with electric band heaters. the gear pump delivers 3 cc/rpm and is driven by an infinite variable speed 1 hp geared ac motor. a programmable inverter controls the speed of the gear pump.
带有流线型设计齿轮泵的过滤测试仪由电加热带加热,齿轮泵流量为3毫升/转并由一台 hp 无级调速换档交流电机驱动,齿轮泵的速度由可编程换流器控制。

10. This box is needed to adapt the RW engine RPM speed and signal to the Lycoming engine RPM and magneto's signal.

11. This maximum torque is available in the range from 1, 750 to 3, 000 rpm.
这最大扭矩可从1,750至3,000 rpm的范围内。

12. If you are riding at 50 RPM, then you will be able to go 340 feet per minute.

13. This world`s highest capacity hard disk is capable of 5400 RPM only.
这个世界上最高容量的硬碟是有能力的5400 RPM的唯一。

14. You can try to rebuild RPM database.

15. The number of revolutions changes by a few angle.5 When the adjustment is completed, return rubber plug 2 to its home position.
请向右 或者向左转动速度调整旋钮3,把缝纫机的转速调整到2900 3000rpm。

16. The prototype motor has achieved the following features: outer diameter φ40mm, height 15mm, weight 50g, maximum load-free revolution speed 1200rpm, peek torque 6N·cm, voltage of power source 30V, maximum efficiency 36%.

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17. Where can I watch RPM movie online free full stream?

18. Irregular beating of spindle having taken place beyond the rotational speed limit of 1800rpm will influence not only surface roughness but also waveness.

19. The greater glycogen depletion at 50 rpm occurred only in fast-twitch muscle cells.

20. The results indicated that when the protonation time was 60 min, the adsorption time was 60 min, the oscillating rotational speed was 90 r/min and chitosan dosage was 0.1 g, the removal effect of protonated cross-linked chitosan on nitr...
结果表明,在质子化时间60 min,吸附时间60 min,振荡转速90 rpm,壳聚糖投加量为0.1 g左右的条件下,质子化交联壳聚糖对硝酸盐浓度为20 mg/L的污水的硝酸盐去除效果最好,去除率可达80.74%。

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