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1. Through the forgoing research work, the major findings are as follows:(1) Based on extensive newly investigation finding and much literature at home and abroad, and refered to the progress in concrete constituent mechanics analysis, the nature, mechanics performance under non-axial stress of shrinkage and creep are presented profoundly. Then the influence of activity admixture, reinforcement ratio of conventional bars, prestressed tendons and cylic load on shrinkage and creep are analyzed. Subsequently nonlinear creep damage model under limit state analysis is expatiated due to increasingly paying attention to nonlinear creep effect in civil engineering field.

2. In order to decrease shrinkage crack stem of cement stabilized gravel by controlling the maximum of dosage, and the lower limit by controlling the dosage as much as possible to ensure stability of primary fatigue cracking does not appear.

3. This study result widens the processing limit of cross wedge rolling and is of momentous significance to develop heavy section shrinkage products of cross wedge rolling.

4. The fast development of information technology requires integrated circuit to be greater integrated, faster functioned and lower power-consumed, which lead to continuous shrinkage of MOS and DRAM feature size and the thickness of MOS gate dielectrics (SiO_2) would soon scale down to its physical limit.

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5. The heat resistance, heat shrinkage and limit oxygen index of the soybean protein fibers are discussed and compared with that of the wool.


6. The temperature upper limit was determined with 1st stage temperature shrinkage curve of the film, which can ensure the heat-sealing strength and reduce the heat-sealing time, reduce the damage rate, and ensure the beauty of the sealing line.

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