The doctor advises my father . A. not smoke B. no

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A man made a nice talking machine .It could weigh people’s weight .The man wanted to try the machine before he could make a lot of machines. He put the machine into the waiting room of a station .There were always lots of people in and out .

The first one who used the machine was an Indian woman. She stood on the machine, the machine thought for a few seconds to decide which language to speak .

“Good morning ,Madam .”it said in Indian . “Your weight is 72 kilograms .That’s three kilograms more .If you eat more fruit and vegetables ,you will be soon all right .Please have a nice day .”

The second one to use the machine was a Chinese girl .She stood on the machine and waited to hear her weight.

” Good morning ,Miss .”the machine said in Chinese .”Your weight is 45 kilograms .It’s all right for your age. Keep eating what you eat every day .Please have a nice day.”

The third one to use the machine was a very fat American woman. She thought for a long time to stand on the machine.

The machine spoke quickly in English “Good morning .Will one of  you get off?”

1.The machine in this passage could            .

A. weigh and talk to people    B. tell people what they should eat

C. speak all kinds of languages          D. make people laugh

2. The man put his first machine           .

A. in the station               B. in a train 

C. in the doctor’s waiting room   D. in the women’s room

3.The machine told the Indian woman            .

A. she was a little lighter    B. she was a little heavier

C. it couldn’t speak Indian    D. to eat what she wanted to eat

4.The machine said to a Chinese girl that she            .

A. should eat more                             B. should eat less

C. had to eat more fruit             D. kept herself healthy

5.How was the American woman?

A. She was healthy.    B. She liked thinking.

C. She was too heavy.    D. The machine didn’t like her.


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