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1. 针对使用碱类砂洗剂进行真丝染色绸砂洗存在褪色多和强力下降严重的问题,研制成新型的SS-01型保色砂洗剂和SO-01型保色柔软剂,经性能测试和实际应用,证实上述砂洗剂和柔软剂既有理想的起绒和柔软效果,又有优良的保色和保强力性能。
In order to prevent dyed real silk fabrics from seriously colour fading or tenacity degradation in sandwashing with alkali agent, a new-type colour-protective sandwashing agent SS-01 and colour-protective softener SO-01 are developed.

2. 我们是上海真丝书画专卖店,本店主要经营以丝绸面料为原材料,立志全面展现丝绸文化礼品内涵,公司生产的丝绸礼品在全面表现丝绸纤维性能的基础上,添加了特有的中国传统文化元素,形成了集收藏与馈赠为一体的丝绸文化珍品系列。
Shanghai silk speciality store attended to silk related cultural artworks in China, our products are made of world-leading innovative technology of high resolution color printing on silk material.

3. 采用 seldinger技术,对 4组疾病 2 6例原发性肺癌,2例支气管扩张,5例肝硬化伴脾功能亢进,2例卵巢癌,用真丝微粒对支气管动脉,脾动脉分支或髂内动脉脏支进行永久性栓塞,并同时用明胶海绵条作双重栓塞。
Methods:The 35 cases with 26 primary pulmonary carcinoma, 2 bronchodilation, 5 cirrhosis of liver complicated with splenic superfuction and 2 oophoroma were treated with bronchi arteries or partial splenic arteries or partial internal iliac arteries permanent embolization with silk thread and gelatinum sponge, using Seldinger's method.

4. 我们的丝绸成衣是用特级真丝经传统工艺加工而成的。
Our silk garments are made of super pure silk material and by traditional skills.

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5. 我们生产各种规格,各种图案的手工真丝地毯和挂毯,可为您提供多种选择。
We can produce various designs and specifications hand-made silk carpets and silk tapestries for you to choose.

6. 那里有十万织工,中国90%的高档真丝地毯都出自于这里。
In China, 90% of the high quality silk carpets and silk tapestries are produced there.

7. 试验结果表明:在壳聚糖整理真丝织物的过程中添加硅微乳柔软剂MEJ,能进一步提高真丝织物的抗皱性能(经纬向之和又增加了约30°),并能改善织物悬垂性(悬垂系数下降7.5%)。
Optimal finishing agents were presented as follows: concentration of chitosan is 2.8%; concentration of polycarboxylic acids is 12%(the ratio of critic acid to tartaric acid is 1:1 concentration of sodium hypophosphite is 5%; concentration of MEJ is 10%.

8. 詹美定睛细看,只见她二十出头,在她黑中透黄大波浪齐肩的柔软而光亮的秀发上,扎着一条粉红色真丝带,她那瓜子形脸蛋,彷佛是粉雕玉琢,皮肤格外细嫩;那十分端正整齐的鼻子,有如雕塑般;眉如新月,眼若秋波,皓齿朱唇,委实是个混合了东西方美女优点的绝顶美人儿;在她那苗条修长的身段上,最吸引人之处,是在她玲珑的曲线与浑圆的臀部之间的那纤纤小蛮腰。
Jimmy looked at her carefully and found that she was a little bit over twenty. Her dark and yellowish soft and glossy hair to the shoulders with big waves was tied with a pink real silk ribbon. Her oval face with exceptionally tender skin was like being made of powder and jade. Her well-shaped nose was like a sculpture. She had crescent eyebrows and limpid eyes. Her teeth were white and her lips crimson. She was really a great beauty of a perfect mix of the good qualities of the Western and Eastern females. What was most attractive was her swell shape.

9. 苏州铭典地毯有限公司是中国生产销售中高级地毯的专业公司之一,主要生产经营手工打结真丝地毯、丝毛地毯、羊毛地毯、威尔顿波斯地毯、威尔顿手工剪花地毯、长绒地毯、工艺挂毯等。
Suzhou Classic Carpet Co., Ltd is one of professional carpet producer in China. The main products are hand knotted silk carpets, silk and wool carpets, pure wool carpets, Wilton Persian carpets, wilton hand carving carpets, shaggy, tapestries.

10. 苏州铭典地毯有限公司是生产销售中高档地毯的专业公司,主要生产经营手工打结真丝地毯、丝毛地毯、羊毛地毯、威尔顿波斯地毯、威尔顿手工剪花地毯、长绒地毯、工艺挂毯等。
Suzhou Classic Carpet Co., Ltd is a professional producer for high quality carpets. The main products are hand knotted silk carpets, silk and wool carpets, pure wool carpets, Wilton Persian carpets, wilton hand carving carpets, shaggy, tapestries.

11. 苏州铭典地毯有限公司是生产销售中高档编织地毯的专业公司,主要生产经营手工编织真丝地毯、丝毛地毯、羊毛地毯、威尔顿波斯地毯、威尔顿手工剪花地毯、长绒地毯、工艺挂毯等。
Suzhou Classic Carpet Co., Ltd is a professional producer for high quality weaving carpets. The main products are hand weaving silk carpets, silk and wool carpets, pure wool carpets, wilton persian carpets, wilton hand carving carpets, shaggy, tapestries.

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12. 主要生产仿真丝、仿麻、绉、缎、涤棉、锦棉、棉锦、提花布等各种规格布、成品布及辅料。
Simulation of the main production of silk, ·é, crepe, satin, polyester, Polyamide/Cotton, Cotton, jacquard fabrics of various specifications, such as fabrics, finished fabrics and accessories.

13. 本文研究了二缩二乙二醇二甲基丙烯酸酯在空气存在下,用过硫酸钾在乙醇溶液中对真丝的接枝。
The grafting of triethylene glycol dimethacrylate onto silk in alcohol aqueous systems using potassium persulfate in the presence of air was investigated.

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14. 我们主要生产:1。真丝女时装。结合手工珠绣,珠网,珠须结合先进的印花,烂花,手绘技术非常精美华贵。
Our main product are as follows: 1.silk garments: conbining with hand-embroidery, hand-beading, and with the advanced printing and bount-out technologies.

15. 本文分析了现有武术服所采用的多种面料,通过对各种面料的透气透湿性能的分析和比较,以及各面料的价格、舒适感和外观等方面,确定了用真丝或仿丝面料作为武术服用料。
Various fabrics adopted by the existing Wushu garment were studied and compared from the following aspects, namely, air permeability and water permeability and some other performance, and then the silk fabric was conformed to be the preferable material for Wushu garment.

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16. 在美国细线除了羊毛和一些真丝线外,其他材质的细线选择真的不多,尤其要适合夏天款式的,又不想要单色的,真的是没几种可挑。
It needs a sports or fingering weight yarn. Since it is a summer top, I ruled out wool and alpacas. I didn't want to use pure cotton, and I also wanted a variegated color... The choices are so limited.

17. 在针织产品方面,苏州大学等单位开-了竹原纤维/Modal、竹原纤维/真丝混纺-纱,经烧毛加工,得到品质优良的原-纱线,在28G提花大圆机和吊机上开发-平针、珠地及珠地+平针的-隔横条纹结构,配以不同色彩,生产-具有不同外观的针织面料。
As the knitting products, Suzhou University and other institutions have developed the raw bamboo fiber/ Modal and raw bamboo fiber/ true silk blended yarns. After singeing, high-quality yarn materials can be obtained. The interval horizontal strip structures of plain stitch, pique and pique + plain stitch have been developed on the 28G large circular jacquard weft knitting machine and loop wheel machine. When matched with different colors, knitted fabrics with different appearance can be produced.

18. 我们有自己的工厂,以生产真丝围巾和除霜*****有大约100人在我们的围巾厂和55人在我们的除霜定时器厂。
We have our own factory to produce silk scarf and defrost ***** are about 100 persons in our scarf factory and 55 persons in our defrost timer factory.

19. 采用先进的针织提花技术,柔软舒适,花纹凹凸感明显,靓丽时尚潮流,具有棉的柔软、丝的光泽,麻的滑爽,而且其吸水、透气性能都优于棉,质地柔软舒适,具真丝般手感和光泽,却比真丝容易打理,不易起皱,更具良好的透气性,吸汗性,和保暖效果。
With the advanced jacquard technology, it is very soft and comfortable, soft like cotton, gloss like silk, smooth like linen and very fashionable. Its moisture absoption and breathablility are better than cotton and easier to maintain than silk.

20. 探讨了真丝绸硫化染料染色中碱剂、还原剂、氧化剂、温度、时间等因素对染色结果的影响,比较了硫化染料在真丝绸及棉织物上的染色效果。
He effects of such factors as alkali agent, reductant, oxidant, temperature and time on the result of real silk fabric dyeing by sulphurs are discussed, with a comparison of sulphurs dyeing results between real silk and cotton fabricly.

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