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1. HFC-245fa(1, 1, 1, 3, 3-pentafluoropropane) is one of the substitute compounds for CFC, HCFC.

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2. Companies pay more attention to product quality so that products meet or exceed international safety standards and norms, prescription of environmental protection, non-CFC and HCFC compounds.

3. As the world environmental requirements is strict constantly, refrigerants such as CFC, HCFC, will be severely restricted, thus R125 substitute for CFC, HCFC, etc., will grow steadyly in demand.

4. Packing: CFC-11 should be filled in 200 liter drum (net weight is 250kg/drum).

5. Experiment results indicated that the foaming flowability of polymeric MDI was almost independent of 2, 4'-MDI content in both CFC and cyclopentane foaming systems, but increase in 2, 4'-MDI content resulted in linear rise of demoulding deform...
实验结果表明,当聚合MDI与 2种组合聚醚进行发泡时,2 ,4` MDI含量对聚合MDI的发泡流动性影响较小,而对后熟化性能的影响明显,随 2 ,4` MDI含量的增加,脱模变形呈直线上升的趋势。

6. The system of CFC12/HCFC152a exhibits positive deviation with a minimum azeotrope.

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7. ABSTRACT The combination of the Controlled Rotary Vane Compressor is a key component of mixture working medium refrigeration machine, and is an efficient method solving present CFC problems.

8. Largertires and brakes, Passenger side air bag added, CFC free airconditioning with a pollen filter, Automatic headlamps, stylingtouch-ups and several interior refinements.

9. On the basis of the recently accomplishment of international researches, this dissertation has developed a general mathematical models in the optimization and matches of the whole refrigeration system of Domestic Refrigerator and Freezer. The calculation methods used to solve the optimum problems of refrigeration system have been studied. The computer software for the use of optimization and matches of the whole refrigeration system has been developed for the first time. The researches result of this thesis has achieved the purpose of saving energy in DRF and provided a new tool for developing new types of DRF charged with CFC's alternative refrigerants.

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10. Match with the global restriction usage CFC melting agent of 《the Montreal international convention 》and satisfy doing not need of high accuracy, high dependable sex electronics product to clean construction craft, our company has doing not need of various metal alloy comparisons and line paths to wash tin line to provide a choice.
配合全球限制使用 CFC 溶剂的《蒙特利尔国际公约》以及满足高精度、高可靠性电子产品的免清洗组装工艺,本公司配有多种合金比例和线径的免洗锡线供客选择。

11. Results showed that TSPG (10-70 μg/ml) could raise the expanded cell number, CD34+ cell number, and the numbers of total CFC, TSPG 50 μg/ml was identified as the most potent stimulating concentration, and increased total nucleated cells to (2470.5±79.96)×103、CFC to (53.96±4.286)×100% and CD34+ cells to (21.86±3.094)×100%; TSPG (10-50 μg/ml) could raise the colony formation rate of CFU-GM, TSPG(20μg/ml) induced the best effect on granulocytopoietic differentiation committed of CD34+ cells.
结果显示:10-70 μg/ml TSPG均可不同程度地提高脐血细胞总数、CFC数和CD34+细胞数,50 μg/ml是最佳刺激浓度,可使细胞总数、CFC数和CD34+细胞数分别增至(2470.5±79.96)×103、(53.96±4.29)×100%和(21.86±3.09)×100%; 20 μg/ml是液体培养诱导骨髓CD34+细胞向粒系分化的最佳浓度,可使细胞总数、CFU-GM和CD33+细胞分别增至(133.2±9.03)×103、(26.78±1.91)×100%和(16.98±1.73)×100%;甲基纤维素半固体培养检测显示,TSPG(10-50 μg/ml)均能提高CD34+细胞形成CFU-GM的集落产率,以TSPG 20 μg/ml效果最为明显。

12. So even if all CFC production stopped immediately, the threat of ozone depletion would continue for more than a century.

13. Choose among models for cooling capacities up to 500W and 1000W with CFC-free refrigeration, saving city water resources

14. Offer excellent durability and will not discolour the boot material.

15. The tank is surrounded by a thick coat of non-CFC polyurethane foam to trap heat inside the tank, saving energy.

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16. Keywords high resolution camera; CFC; columnar joint structure; FEA

17. That is what I do at the CFC, only I do it in a WW2 environment as well as a modern day environment.

18. If your account has been introduced to CFC by an Introducing Broker, the IB is an

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19. This exclusive science and technology provides with the CFC Leng Mei stability with altitude.

20. Part two In this part, we studied the electron-transfer reaction of perfluoroalkylchlorides, CFCs and non-fluorinated compounds.

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