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1. Rajesh Nellore, PSA Peugeot Citroen's vice president for India operations as quoted bythe news source, said: We are looking at an industrial strategy and exploring boththe JV and 100% subsidiary options.
如新闻源引用,负责印度业务的标致雪体龙的副总裁Rajesh Nellore说:我们在看一个产业战略与开拓合资公司和全资子公司选择。

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2. Rajesh: Would you rather go back to the apartment and deal with Sheldon
那你是想回家陪 Sheldon ,还是用激光刀,让你的角膜再次冒险之旅?

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3. Rajesh: What? Just because I'm Indian I can't be a Norse god?

4. About 8, Rajesh and his gf Vina, Belbi and his wife-Diper and their son-Shina arrived our place.

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5. In 2005 I spent time with a student named Rajesh in Meerut College, in Uttar Pradesh.

6. The company's marketing manager, , told me that he had just made a cold call to the VP for engineering of a U. S. company, trying to drum up business.
这个公司的市场部经理,Rajesh Rao ,告诉我他刚主动致电了一家美国公司的副总,试图招徕生意。

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7. As Rajesh Kumar, a glaciologist with the Birla Institute of Technology Extension Centre in Jaipur, points out, even calculating the extent to which the temperature has gone upwill take years, since there were few weather stations in the Himalayas in the past.

8. Think equities'Rajesh ghai: while the cost of material may decrease slightly with the slimmer form factor, we expect the increased manufacturing costs to offset the savings.

9. Rajesh: By Odin's beard, this is good Chex Mix.

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10. All employees enthusiastically respond by clapping three times, and Rajesh is the first on the day's sales board.

11. In the middle of writing this article, Rajesh Lal posted his article

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