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1. keep my cool什么意思

1. But I'm trying to keep my cool better.

2. I try my best to keep cool.

3. And I'll try to keep my cool, but I'm feeling

4. Meditation Alone/ firefly译 The Moon Is Mine The moon is mine And the sundries I home mail It`s thin, cool and dark Like me under an unlucky star Who stay out straying, with a sadly sorrowful look When facing it You should feel esteem--in my opinion Also you could Weep when looking at it, and Be put in a tight spot, or Behold a man in it coming out Lay Open the Loneliness Lay open the loneliness, perhaps There be no loneliness Under the alone lamp, in the empty room The whole world`s dyed orange with rays Everything represents nothing As someone been far away The deserted heart still misses Only lonely is still lonely Wine for one, when wine round three times for one Think of the drip drops, the fallen leaves, and Some time, some seasons, some persons, some Sundries when warm Like I lay open the loneliness Then nothing to keep lonely The Tree All the leaves in this tree fall Its loneliness falls into a face It`s limpid and bright Where the sun shines There are blares of colored glaze Exclaim occasionally, or profoundly Stride one`s line of sight, such height and weald Straying there --Why there is no wild Divide the Rain Drips Divide the dense rain drip Then you may see decaying scene-- A man in the sun walking with vigorous strides In the shallow puddle Immerges half his nose, spraying Continuous ripples It`s simply a groundless guess at daytime Or rather a dream, yet that`s it And that I see Sun`s weak, and see The sun and water turns to be blank in the air Nov.
16th,2007 原诗:《独想》《那些月光是我的》那些月光是我的是我寄给家里的物什它薄薄的,凉凉的,暗暗的就像我的薄命流浪在外,神情悲悯你们面对它应该感到高贵——这是我的想法你们也可以看着它流泪,看着它一筹莫展,或者看着一个人从里面走出来《把孤独摊开》把孤独摊开,或许就没有孤独了在孤灯下,空屋里万物都染着桔色的光万事都不代表什么就像远去了一个人心中空荡荡的,却总有惦念但孤独还是孤独的一个人的酒,一个人酒过三巡想想窗檐的滴水,想想落叶,想想一些时间,一些季节,一些人物,一些那时感到有温度的物什就如同把孤独摊开了没什么可继续孤独的《这棵树》这棵树落光了叶子它的孤独就成了一张脸它清澈与明亮太阳光照的地方,全然是时空中一簇琉璃的光泽偶尔让人惊叹,偶尔骨感地跨入人的视线,那样的旷野和高度停留在那里——为什么没有荒芜《把雨点分开》把稠密的雨点分开就可以看到颓废的景观——一个刚在太阳下健步如飞的男人在浅水坑中浸入了一半的鼻子,喷着连续不断的涟漪这只是我白日的一个臆念有点梦,但就是这样我才看到了阳光的软弱,看到了阳光和雨水原来就是一场空中之茫

5. Hey dada I put it down for la rasa Go ask yo mama Why she always call me big poppa The show stoppa I got the illest mental Who breakin tracks laced on the instrumental Why you try to see me mackin hunnies Since you were wearing huggies Yo im getting money Aint no stopping me My flow is growing oh so tight Im taking trips overseas And im blowin up mics Freestyles with my homie Hek What you expect Heads bop on every track And we getting respect My production Do yourself without instructions Nonbelievers wanna dis and catch fatal concussions Belly up What the fuck Yo you shit outta luck Baby miss Gimme kiss I know you want some of this Out the blue Keep it cool Boo stay on the real And just chill..
达达嘿,我把它放下洛杉矶塔拉萨去问哟妈妈,所以她总是叫我大poppa 展stoppa我得到illest心理卫生组织轨断裂氯化物对乐器,你为什么要见我麦克hunnies既然你穿huggies哟即时财路,是不是没有阻止我的流量是越来越多哦这样紧即时两趟海外和im blowin集起来令人毛骨悚然我homie hek什么指望你的h 客车收支平衡每个轨道上,我们越来越尊重我生产你做指示上风,要dis和渔获发铝含量严重肚起来什么他妈的哟,你拉屎防弹运气宝宝小姐的gimme吻,我知道你想索姆辰这出蓝色保持冷静建筑物留下真实和公正的肃杀。。

6. keep my cool

6. And i'll tryto keep my cool, but i'm feenin'.

7. He is the only one who can keep off a disturbing with a quick step when I met some buffoons. Then he would give a cup of hot chocolate to placate my cool and tired heart. In fact, he is a circumspective man. Only this trait, Premier Wenjiabao is image of my confidant.

8. The first thing I made of these was a great Cap for my Head, with the Hair on the out Side to shoor off the Rain; and this I perform'd so well, that after this I made me a Suit of Cloaths wholly of these Skins, that is to say, a Wastcoat, and Breeches open at Knees, and both loose, for they were rather wanting to keep me cool than to keep me warm.

9. These life lessons help me keep my cool in life and live in balance.

10. I'll put them under my hat to keep cool.

11. I try to keep my cool even when the people around me are hurling insults at each other.

12. I hvae tried my best to keep cool.

13. Scott: ⑥ I'm trying to keep my cool, but it gets harder every day.

14. Hold your peace. sir, and keep your own breath to cool your own porridge. I will not stay here wasting my breath on you.

15. In the winter, I will keep my parets warm; in the summer, I will keep my parents cool, I will always greet my parents in the morning to show them that I care, At night I will always make sure my parents rest well.

16. keep my cool什么意思

16. Keep your breath to cool your porridge, and I shall keep mine to swell my song.

17. I wanted to keep my cool, but when he tried to kiss me, that did it!

18. And almost five years later, I think in such a hot city, cold air can keep my head cool.

19. I can't keep my cool, so I keep it trueI got somethin to lose, so I gotta moveI can't keep myself, and still keep you too

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