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1. 216的反义词

1. According to the seamless pipe release inventory of victories data show that the main cities in 216mm specifications seamless tube 219 * average prices for under yuan/ton, average price last week 5810 yuan/ton, a week dropped 53 yuan/ton.
据兴胜无缝管网发布的盘点数据显示:全国21个主要城市219*6mm 规格无缝管平均价格为5757元/吨,较上周平均价格5810元/吨,较上周下跌了53元/吨。

2. Results 2477 cases of patients with STD pathgen were detected. The total detection rate was 31.62%, among which the detection rate of UU, CT, HPV, HSV-Ⅱ, TP and NG was 20.42%, 2.93%, 3.17%, 1.71%, 2.60%, 0.77%, respectively. Mixed infection of UU and CT were detected in 216 patients.

3. Shaoxing chida spate part of automobile CO., LTD specialized produces the domestic and international and automatic cleft the system move the adjustment arm profession the factory.

4. You want to find the number 216 in the world, you will be able to find it everywhere.

5. The existing factory area of 13, 000 square meters, 216 employees, including 46 senior technical staff.

6. Various sets of professional equipment 216, 300 workers, professional and technical personnel 56 people.

7. I hope you will get 216. soon.

8. 216的意思

8. However, they have 216 colours that are common to both.

9. Employs 216 people, one of nine technical staff.

10. A total of 216 aircraft passengers and 12 crew members.

11. Methods: from june 2006 to june 2008 in our hospital, the 216 cases of intrauterine contraceptive devices voluntarily placed without contraindications were randomly divided into two groups, they were placed gene fex and tcu220 separately. then follow-up of 1 year and compared the contraceptive effect and side effects of the two groups.

12. Afterburner can be used in networks that also have 802.11b devices, and will not disable the use of them.

13. 216什么意思

13. Article 216 Where a securities company violates the relevant provisions by undertaking any transaction of unlisted securities without an approval, it shall be ordered to correct.

14. The company is the rule by the Nanjing bamboo forest machinery parts factory conversion from a limited liability company to produce sales as one, the main products are: BX series drum chipper as 2113, 218216, etc., BX series such as planing machine 4612, 468466, and so on.

15. danci.911cha.com

15. According to statistics, the city completed the first half of 2004 real estate transaction transfer 216, 400 square meters, an increase of 21 percent, including 2204 residential units, 211, 000 square meters, an increase of 32%; At the same time, the pre-sale contract of real estate registration 17.7310, 000 square meters, including 1212 residential units, 154, 200 square meters.
据统计,全市完成了2004年上半年房地产交易转让二十一点六四〇万平方米,增加了百分之二十一,其中包括2204个住宅单位,二十一点一零万平方米,增加了32 %;同时,预审销售合同,房地产登记17.73 10000平方米,包括1212个住宅单位,一十五点四二〇万平方米。

16. 216的解释

16. Cubed is 216 and divided into 420 in is about 2 cu.

17. The inscription of 216 characters explains the origins, the individual parts of the object, and the dimensions. The object itself can be divided into five measuring parts. The central container is the main one, with it and the others all engraved with unit names. To combine as many standard measurements as possible, theis bronze could also be turned upside down, depending on which one was being made.

18. Alberto Antonini, a well known Tuscan wine maker, and Antonio Morescalchi a young entrepreneur, fell in love with the major viticultural areas of Argentina. Deeply impressed by the potential of Malbec in the Mendoza appellation, they started with 216 hectars in the the township of Lujàn de Cuyo.

19. East Hill bleomycin-speed, the west by the Jinan-Qingdao, South on State Road 309 lines, convenient transportation and communication developed, it is enterprise covers an area of 22, 600 square meters, building area of 17, 600 square meters, total assets of 18 million, 216 employees, engineering technical personnel 38 people.

20. This paper sought to analyze the dermatoglyph of 203 cases with juvenile poliosis, and make an individual contrast with the control group of 216 normal juveniles.

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