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Doctors say anger can be an extremely damaging emotion,unless you learn how to deal with it.They warn that anger can lead to heart disease,stomach problems,headaches,emotional probems and possibly cancer.

Anger is a normal emotion that we all feel from time to time.Some people express anger openly in a calm reasonable way.Other burst with anger,and scream and yell(咆哮).But other people keep their anger inside.They can not or will not express it.This is called repressing anger.

For years many doctors thought that repressing anger was more dangerous to a person's health than expressing it.They said that when a person is angry,the brain releases the same hor-mones(荷尔蒙).They speed the heart rate,raise blood pressure,or sugar into the blood,etc.In general the person feels excited and ready to act.

Some doctors say that both repressing and expressing anger can be dangerous.They believe that those who express anger violently may be more likely to develop heart disease,and they believe that those who keep their anger inside may face a greater danger of high blood pressure.

Doctors say the solution(解决办法) is learning how to deal with anger.They say the first step is to admit that you are angry and to recognize the real cause of the anger,then decide if the cause is serious enough to get angry about.If it is,they say,“Do not express your anger while angry.Wait until your anger has cooled down and you are able to express yourself calmly and reasonably.”

Doctors say that a good way to deal with anger is to find humor in the situation that has made you angry.They said that laughter is much healthier than anger.

“Damaging emotion” means that _________.

A.the emotion is harmless                                

B.the emotion is harmful

C.the feeling is very strong

D.the feeling is hard

Expressing anger violently _________ repressing it according to some scientists. just the same as                                 more harmful than no better than                                    much better than

According to the author,you'd better _________.

A.never be angry                                      it down before you express it

C.laugh and laugh when you get angry              

D.admit you are wrong when you are angry


The African elephant, the largest land animal remaining on earth, is of great importance to African ecosystem(生态系统). Unlike other animals, the African elephant is to a great extent the builder of its environment. As a big plant-eater, it largely shapes the forest- and-savanna(大草原) surroundings in which it lives, therefore setting the terms of existence for millions of other animals that live in its habitat.

It is the elephant’s great desire for food that makes it a disturber of the environment and an important builder of its habitat. In its continuous search for the 300 pounds of plants it must have every day, it kills small trees and underbushes, and pulls branches off big trees. This results in numerous open spaces in both deep tropical forests and in the woodlands that cover part of the African savannas . In these open spaces are numerous plants in various stages of growth that attract a variety of other plant-eaters.

Take the rain forests for example. In their natural state, the spreading branches overhead shut out sunlight and prevent the growth of plants on the forest floor. By pulling down trees and eating plants, elephants make open spaces, allowing new plants to grow on the forest floor. In such situations, the forests become suitable for large hoofed plant-eaters to move around and for small plant-eaters to get their food as well.

What worries scientists now is that the African elephant has become an endangered species. If the elephant disappears, scientists say, many other animals will also disappear from vast areas of forest and savanna, greatly changing and worsening the whole ecosystem.

What is the passage mainly about?

A. Disappearance of African elephants.

B. Forests and savannas as habitats for African elephants.

C. The effect of African elephants' search for food.

D. The eating habit of African elephants.

What does the underlined phrase “setting the terms” most probably mean?

A. Fixing the time.                    

B. Worsening the state.

C. Improving the quality.          

D. Deciding the conditions.

What do we know about the open spaces in the passage?

A. They result from the destruction of rain forests.

B. They provide food mainly for African elephants.

C. They are home to many endangered animals.

D. They are attractive to plant-eating animals of different kinds.

According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?

A. The African elephant is the largest animal on earth.

B. African elephants have 300 pounds of plants every day.

C. The African elephant is in a way the builder of the environment like all the other land animals.

D. If the African elephant disappears, the whole ecosystem won’t be affected.

The passage is developed mainly by        .

A. showing the effect and then explaining the causes 

B. pointing out similarities and differences

C. describing the changes in space order          

D. giving examples


Parents and kids today dress alike, listen to the same music, and are friends. Is this a good thing? Sometimes, when Mr. Ballmer and his 16-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, listen to rock music together and talk about interests both enjoy, such as pop culture, he remembers his more distant relationship with his parents when he was a teenager.

“I would never have said to my mom, ‘Hey, the new Weezer album is really great. How do you like it?’” says Ballmer. “There was just a complete gap in taste.”

Music was not the only gulf. From clothing and hairstyles to activities and expectations, earlier generations of parents and children often appeared to move in separate orbits.

Today, the generation gap has not disappeared, but it is getting narrow in many families. Conversations on subjects such as sex and drugs would not have taken place a generation ago. Now they are comfortable and common. And parent—child activities, from shopping to sports, involve a feeling of trust and friendship that can continue int0 adulthood.

No wonder greeting cards today carry the message, “To my mother, my best friend.”

But family experts warn that the new equality can also result in less respect for parents. “There’s still a lot of strictness and authority on the part of parents out there, but there is a change happening,” says Kerrie, a psychology professor at Lebanon Valley College. “In the middle of that change, there is a lot of confusion among parents.”

Family researchers offer a variety of reasons for these evolving roles and attitudes. They see the 1960s as a turning point. Great cultural changes led to more open communication and a more democratic process that encourages everyone to have a say.

“My parents were on the ‘before’ side of that change, but today’s parents, the 40-year-olds, were on the  ‘after’ side,” explains Mr. Ballmer. “It’s not something easily accomplished by parents these days, because life is more difficult to understand or deal with, but sharing interests does make it more fun to be a parent now.”

41. The underlined word gulf in Para.3 most probably means _________.

A. interest

B. distance

C. difference

D. separation

42. Which of the following shows that the generation gap is disappearing?

A. Parents help their children develop interests in more activities.

B. Parents put more trust in their children’s abilities.

C. Parents and children talk more about sex and drugs.

D. Parents share more interests with their children.

43. The change in today’s parent-child relationship is _________.

A. more confusion among parents

B. new equality between parents and children

C.1ess respect for parents from children

D. more strictness and authority on the part of parents

44. By saying “today’s parents, the 40-year-olds, were on the ‘after’ side.” the author means that today’s parents _________.

A. follow the trend of the change

B. can set a limit to the change

C. fail to take the change seriously

D. have little difficulty adjusting to the change

45. The purpose of the passage is to _________.

A. describe the difficulties today’s parents have met with

B. discuss the development of the parent—child relationship

C. suggest the ways to handle the parent—child relationship

D. compare today’s parent—child relationship with that in the past


Never in the history of Sierra Leone’s elections have women so actively engaged in politics or competed for parliamentary seats. In the past, women did the dancing and cooking for elections campaigning. In the May 14th elections, we saw over 168 women candidates competitive for President, Vice President and Parliamentary seats.

One would think that about 60% of these women would have emerged as winners. But it was not so, because of our cultural perception of women. We need to change our culture. Women could be active politicians. The Christians in their own way encouraged women to be preachers(传教士) but the Muslim leaders say women should not head for officiating(主持) prayers.

The same happens in certain parts of the country where women are not part of decision taken in male secret societies. This prevents them from achieving some of their goals. A senior head in one of the ministries told me that she was getting problems with some of her staff members especially the male staff. Most women that come from the Northern part of country experience such problems. Some men are saying that a woman cannot be their leader.

Some women are also prejudiced against their women folks. In the last elections, most woman did not support their colleagues. In some parts of the country, because they are not members of secret societies they were not allowed to contest for chieftaincies (酋长或首领的位置). However, Sierra Leones not withstanding the cultural prejudice against women has witnessed women occupying high public offices. They have been appointed to head certain areas.

Sierra Leone is moving from its past culture. We need a change in our culture. Women all over the world are recognized one way or the other as they are now involved in the use of technology. We now see women as air pilots, and they even attempt to go to travel in space.

In the past, women in Sierra Leone _______.

A.took active part in politics                     B.contested for parliamentary seats

C.danced and cooked for the election campaigning  D.shared the equal rights with men

About 60% of the women engaged in election would have succeeded if .       .

A.there were less prejudice against women          B.less Muslim leaders had objected

C.more women had been engaged in the election     D.more preachers had supported them

The author concludes that the women candidates can’t win the competitive vote because .      

A.women is more suitable for the dancing and cooking job

B.women candidates can’t get the support of their folks

C.women prejudice still exists in today’s society

D.women are not capable enough to be a chieftain

The main idea of the passage is .

A.the prejudice against women in various fields

B.women in Sierra Leone, striving for their political rights

C.women in Sierra Leone, challenge for men’s status

D.women in Sierra Leone, being involved in politics




Quality after-school programs are designed to improve academic performance, decrease youth crimes and other high-risk behaviors, and help young people grow into healthy, successful adults.

The effect of quality after-school programs on academic performance is clear. Studies show that students who take part in such programs show better work habits, higher rates of homework completion, improved grades, and higher scores on achievement tests. They also have fewer absences and are less likely to blame. After-school programs also influence high-risk teen behavior. Various studies show decreased rates of crime, drug-taking, and teen sex among youth who join in well-run after-school programs when compared to similar youth who do not. Finally, after-school programs play an important role in supporting different kinds of fields of development: physical development, mental development and social development. Thus, one can safely say that after-school programming is an effective method to help young people become contributing members of society.

Although there is enough proof from both small and large assessments that after-school programs can make a positive difference, it is important to note that not all programs are equal. First, dosage matters -- young people who attend the most hours over the most years benefit more than members who attend less often or over a shorter period of time. Next, after-school programs make a bigger difference for those students who need help most and have the fewest choices. Finally, program qualities matter. After-school programs work best when they create unique opportunities for youth. They should provide opportunities, skill building meaningful involvement, expression, suggestion, service, and work. Staff characteristics make an important difference in the quality of a program. The adults should treat youth as partners, create safe and fair environment, encourage personalized involvement, and actively create learning opportunities. In short, although after-school programs have a promising future, how they are designed and run matters.

Title: Quality After-school Programs


1.        academic performance

2. Decreasing youth crimes and other high-risk behaviors

3. Helping young people grow into healthy, successful adults


1. Improved academic performance

● better work     

● higher rates of homework completion

● improved grades and higher scores

● fewer absences and     blame

Helping young people become members making a contribution to    

2. Decreased high-risk teen behaviors

● decreased rates of crime


● teen sex among youth

3. Various development


● mental development

● social development


1. Dosage matters.

2.       matter.

3. Qualities matter.


The future of after-school programs is promising,     how to design and run the programs is very      .


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