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1. The technicality. reliability and practicability of the newly-modified LSY type serial product have achieved the breakthrough improvement, land its specification and model have been serialized.

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2. Million yuan in fixed assets of the Company, have advanced the domestic cars, milling, boring, planing, grinding, drilling, hobbing and other ancillary processing equipment, annual production capacity of 1, 500 units, the main products are QTZ40~125 tower cranes, SCD200/200J construction lifts, HZS50~HZS200 concrete mixing station, HBT40 concrete pump, HBT60 concrete pump, JZC350 mixer, JZM750 mixer, JS500 mixer, JS1000 mixer, JS2000 mixer, HPD800 ingredients machine, HPD1200 ingredients machine, HPL1600 ingredients machine, HPL2400 ingredients Machine, LSY series screw conveyor, and other products.

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3. Sow productivity (pigs weaned per sow per year, PWSY) is a function of litter size at weaning and litter per sow per year. Conception rate of boars and farrowing rate of sows, as well as piglets survival rate at weaning and causes of the piglets death before weaning are related to LSY; and lactation length, Non-productive days, weaning to service interval, and parity distribution of sow herd are contributed to LSY. Monitoring these management factors via integrated computer information system can improve sow productivity.
母猪群生产力的重要指标为母猪每胎离乳头数(Litter Size at Weaning,LSW)与每年每头生产胎次(Litters per Sow per Year,LSY),其中种公猪配种受胎率与种母猪分娩率、仔猪离乳前死亡原因与育成率与LSW有关;泌乳天数、未生产日数(Non-Productive Days,NPD)、离乳至再配种间距(Weaning-to-Service Interval,WSI)、与母猪群胎次分布都是LSY的贡献因子;经由整合性的资讯管理系统,监控这些因子可改善猪群生产力。

4. Company products: HZS25-120 series concrete mixing station, WBZ series stabilized soil mixing station, JDC350 type concrete mixer, JDC500 type concrete mixer, JS500-type concrete mixer, JS750-type concrete mixer, concrete mixer 1000, 1500-type concrete mixer, 2000-type concrete mixer, PLD800-3200-type concrete batching machine, bulk cement warehouse positions 30-200 tons of cement, HYG3/6 type of concrete mixer truck, HJC3/6 hydraulic concrete mixer truck, LSY series of screw conveyer pump, 3 -32T winch such as large-tonnage products, well received, popular throughout the country.

5. In this paper we studied the production procedure, physical and chemical properties and toxicity of Longsiyuanfangtuofasu (LSY), a product from traditionary Chinese herbs preventing trichomadesis.

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