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1. Optical packet switching is considered as an ideal optical switching model, and the optical header label technology can realize OPS, called as optical label packet switching or optical label switching.

2. OPS.

2. Business card printing and membership card making material different business card printing and membership card making materials such as PVC, OpS, Opp, pETG material such as requirements for ink is different.

3. As a replacement for PVC film, OPS film are being increasingly wide range of applications.

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4. We intercepted the message from your Special Ops team.

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5. His OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage) leaped more than 200 points in the second half.
他的垒上有人长打率,我不会翻线上翻~飞跃了超过200 点在第二个一半。

6. An action fantasy and romance, it's the story of a Thai special forces sniper who is forced to go rogue in order to protect a mysterious hilltribe woman being sought by a black-ops officer.

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7. The percent of OPS at end of the surgery in caudal groups was higher than the control groups.

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8. Chapter 1, based on Pareto optimality or called efficiency, extends the con-cepts of convex conjugate functions and subdifferentials etc., which are usedcommonly in the duality theory of nonlinear programming, to the case ofmulti-dimensional point-to-set maps with some domination structure, devel-ops D-Ω conjugate maps and D-Ω subdifferentials theory ofmulti-dimensional point-to-set maps, and by means of this theory, putts for-ward and studies a duality theory of multiobjective set-valuedprogramming——D-Ω conjugate duality theory for efficient solutions, in which, the corresponding weak, strong and inverse duality theorems are dis-cussed and proposed, and the saddle-point result for the generalizedLagrangian called D-Ω Lagrangian is given.

9. Craig Futterman, a law professor at the University of Chicago, wants the OPS to overhaul the way it investigates complaints.

10. FEMALE DISPA TCHER: 6030, this is Kodiak Ops Cent.

11. Stealth Bombers can fit and use a covert ops cloak allowing them to warp whilst cloaked.

12. The inhibiting effect of OPs on ACh-ase results in sustained high levels of ACh with consequent serious and widespread disruption of nervous activity.

13. You can reuse ops in a derived data type but it involves a tremendous amount of boilerplate.

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14. Methods: 80 specimens front bladder carcinoma patients, including 40 pre-OPS and 40 post-OPS, were gathered for this study.

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15. He has lied about his experiences in combat, Special Operations and Black Ops, not to mention the fact that he served 5 years in prison on felony convictions for ARMED CARJACKING, USE AND CARRYING OF A FIREARM DURING THE COMMISION OF A VIOLENT CRIME, AND INTERSTATE TRANSPORTATION OF A STOLEN VEHICLE.
文章作者Dexter所说的Mick Strider的所谓格斗经验,特种任务,特种部队服役,全是编造的——并且Dexter没有提到一个事实:Mick Strider曾经作为重刑犯人,在号子里呆过五年——罪名是受雇持枪抢劫车辆,并且越过州际运输赃车。

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16. Check with the National Fish and Wildlife Service and local conservation and birding groups for flock ops near you.
你可以咨询一下离你近的 National Fish and Wildlife Service 和当地的保护鸟类组织关于这方面的大量的机会。

17. At its3- day Covert Ops training camp in Tucson, Arizona, you can learn2

18. It manages GLINES, can provide server ops, and offers registered channels with full multi-level userlists and individualized settings. X2 can serve as an OperServ and ChanServ.
它管理GLINES,能够提供服务器操作,并提供了带有多级用户列表和独立摄制的注册通道。X2能够像OperServ 和ChanServ一样服务。

19. At its3- day Covert Ops training camp in Tucson, Arizona, you can learn2 evasive driving, 3 combat pistol shooting, 4 unarmed5 self-defense, 6 spying7 techniques, 8 explosives and booby-traps.

20. In Chapter 1, a brief introduction of OPS is made.

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