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1. The calculated results of the geometry of trans-N-(oxabutyl-2-ene acid)-2, 3-benzo-10-aza-1, 4, 7, 13-tetraoxa-cyclopentadeca-2-ene agreed well with the results of X-ray analysis.

2. The data show that trans- N-(oxabutyl-2-ene acid)-2, 3-benzo-10-aza-1, 4, 7, 13-tetraoxa-cyclopentadeca-2-ene has the geometry of horseshoe. The rare earth metal cation can be embedded in a large cavity of the compound, which makes it a good complexing agent.

3. Zhuo Yi tray product patent for its unique design, and good moisture-resistant, light weight, strength, recyclable reuse, without fumigation and disinfection, export exemption, and consistent with international export requirements, and many other properties, wood and foam Poly ene best new packaging materials green packaging alternatives, is the product export logistics new choice. Products are many well-known brands to be designated for long-term supply packaging trays, and sold to the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia, and other countries and regions.
公司中文介绍济南卓艺包装有限公司专业生产各类出口专用包装材料(免熏蒸胶合板托盘、纸托盘、包装箱、纸护角、塑料托盘、集装箱充气袋等)及包装机械(全自动拉伸膜缠绕包装机器)等物流专用产品;生产设备均从国外引进,所有程序由自动化电脑控制,产品工艺已获多国专利(中国专利号:ZL00221092 4),产品质量在国际同行业中处于领先地位;塑料托盘产品以塑代木符合国家环保要求,技术指标均达GB/T15234-94国家标准,公司已通过ISO9001:2000国际质量体系认证。

4. The other results demonstrated that adenovirus-mediated tran sfer and espression of the wild-type p53 in GLC-82 lacking ghe p53 g ene resulted in GLC-82 cells apoptosis which was indicated by FCM and DNA fragment analysis.

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5. The ion transfer of TPB across the interface of water/nitrobenзene was studied by cyclic voltammetry.

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6. PEIPAH is now predominantly steered by the subtropical ridge ENE of it, inducing a WNW movement.

7. The final parameter values can give the l ocation of the circle according to definition of the ene...

8. The paper provided the circuit diagram of switch between RS232 and RS485, and the serial communication? s flow chart of the electric ene...

9. With the application of Delft3D-Flow model, the Huanghua Harbor 3D tidal current fields under the action of ENE wind of scale 8 are simulated and compared with the tidal current fields without wind action.

10. ZHANU Yu, Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Effect by ENE Strong Wind on 3D Tidal Flow in the Huanghua Harbor, South-to-North Water Transfers and Water Science g.

11. Alter course to ENE-the pilot boat cannot clear the vessel.

12. ENE IT management: quality first, customers first, market-oriented and customer-core.

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13. The results showed that the frequencies of all kinds of wind profiles were almost equal in this area, and the values of these wind profiles indices were similar to the values of international standard recommended because of the flat underlying surface. Four wind directions were defined as advantageous directions, whereas other wind directions were disadvantageous directions. The statistical results showed that the frequencies of disadvantageous directions and advantageous directions were about 20.88% and 79.12%, respectively.

14. The high expression of GAP -43 g ene sustained to 1 and 2 weeks af...

15. You are my adversary, but you are not my ene -my, for your resistance gives me strength, your will gives me courage, your spirit ennobles me...

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16. With regard to this relatively efficient heat ene- rgy supply equipment this paper gives a detailed descripti...

17. Firstly, the compressive strengths of hollow block masonry specimens with natural aggregates and recycled aggregates, while some was mixed with fly-ash or polypropyl- ene fibers, were tested and compared.

18. Setting fire to what baggage remained in their hands, they began a retreat fighting as they went, for the pitiless ene- my disputed every step.

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19. A graft polymer was made by using melt grafting way in a single-screw extruder using glycidyl mechacrylate as a grafting monomer, styr- ene as a grafting co-monomer, dicumyl peroxideas a radical initator.

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20. Utilizing 1, 8-diazabicyclo[5, 4, 0]undec-7-ene as catalyst, alkyl functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes were prepared by the esterification reaction of bromoalkane and carboxyl.

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